Candy Crush: How is it like Boston Real Estate?

    Admit it. You play Candy Crush. And you are not alone…. with over 100,000,000+ monthly players on Facebook alone, it has shot up to be one of the most profitable games in Facebook and mobile gaming history.

    Just how profitable? According to reports, King, the creator of Candy Crush, brings in almost $700,000 per day from the game. That is just about $250,000,000 a year. You could buy a lot of fruit with that!

    So based on all the news of the current state of Boston’s real estate market, how can it be compared to this crazy phenomena sweeping the nation?

    1. It’s Competitive

    In order to fully get the most out of the game, you link it to your social media so you can see how you are doing compared to your friends. At the beginning of each level, you see a leaderboard which shows how you rank among your friends. AND it gives you stats and other information so you can see just how you stack up.

    The real estate market in Boston is similar. You aren’t necessary competing with your friends, but you are competing with a TON of buyers who are all looking at the same properties on the same websites. We have had Open Houses recently where numerous offers were submitted on the same day – creating bidding wars.

    How can you set yourself apart (or add a Booster, if you will?) Well, you can start by not only looking at the places everyone else is – the MLS. Have you checked out our off market properties that have hand selected opportunities that are only for our Charlesgate friends? And, having a buyer’s agent helping you stay on top of the market can mean the difference between missing out on something or finding your next home.

    Untitled-12. Creativity

    In Candy Crush, there is no ONE way to beat a level. It is up to the player to make combinations that result in the clearing of all the jellies, or removal of all the fruit, etc. It is up to you to create combinations so you hear those fabulous words, “Delicious!” or “Tasty!”.

    In real estate, one man’s castle is… well not another’s. Everyone wants a different thing and the market responds accordingly to this. A walk-in closet could be a MUST have to Jessica, but no big deal to Samantha – she just wants a washer and dryer in unit. Determining the items that are your “must-haves” is an essential part of the buying process and getting you the home you want.

    And it is something to consider when you are selling as well. It is true that everyone has a unique eye and list of desires but staging your home in a way that appeals to the majority can make a difference in the timeliness of the sale. Of course, your seller’s agent can help you with this!

    3. Scarcity

    You only have a few lives to accomplish an insurmountable task sometimes in Candy Crush. And just when you are at the last jelly, BOOM! you see you just used your last life. And, you only get 1 life per half hour (unless you know a little secret we may be able to share with you…) so once you have gone through 5 lives…. that is a 2.5 hour wait unless you want to fork over some cash.

    Scarcity has been a factor in the Boston market for years – with limited inventory and a whole bunch of people that want to live here! But how do you combat it? Understand the buying process! Check out our free Home Buyer Class to learn all about buying a home in a fun and relaxed environment. (Don’t you wish there was a Candy Crush 101?!)

    *Candy Crush is a registered trademark and game of

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